OIAA: Chapter 66 Part 2

The various emotions in Gu Yesheng’s body had been severely suppressed. Now that they broke out completely, he became more and more uncontrollable. Yi Jiamu’s permission was like a key that completely opened the door when he was at the critical point.

Gu Yesheng’s entire body looked slightly cool but his lips were surprisingly hot. He held Yi Jiamu tightly as if to break him completely. His lips were pried open gently. Yi Jiamu was surprised by the sudden enthusiasm and couldn’t help humming.

He was surrounded by the pheromones smell of narcissi that was as strong as wine. It took only a moment for Yi Jiamu’s body to be completely soft and paralyzed. The unprecedented hot kiss mixed with the fierce collision of pheromones caused the body temperature of the two people to rise in the blink of an eye.

Yi Jiamu couldn’t help closing his eyes due to the passionate kiss and he instinctively reached out to rub Gu Yesheng’s back.

At present, Gu Yesheng’s actions seemed too rough no matter how you looked at it but the deeper the kiss, the more he was seeking salvation. The more confusion there was in his mind, the more he wanted to break the person in front of him.

The alpha and omega’s pheromones stimulated each other’s nerves. In a moment, the fire in their hearts was completely hooked up and became a prairie fire.

Before they knew it, their breathing had become heavier. Gu Yesheng’s long and narrow eyes lifted slightly and he looked down at the person in front of him. His eyes shook for a moment before he reached out and grabbed Yi Jiamu. After a deep kiss on the lips, he turned this person over and pressed him heavily against the bed.

The slight impact caused the dazed Yi Jiamu to hum. He realized what Gu Yesheng was going to do and his eyes flashed. He held the bed sheet out of nervousness and his entire head was buried deeply in the sheets as he cooperated.

Such actions fell into Gu Yesheng’s eyes and excited the evil fire inside him. He bent down, moved around Yi Jiamu’s side and gently licked the glands. It was filled with wicked teasing.

Yi Jiamu, who was already on the edge of sensitivity, trembled slightly. A strange feeling inevitably enveloped his body and blurred his vision. Under this instinctive desire, his usually indifferent voice had more seductiveness and charm. “Hurry up…”

The simple two words caused Gu Yesheng’s breathing to become heavier. “Are you so anxious?”

Yi Jiamu let out a low ‘um’ and buried his face deeper. At this time, the omega’s softness showed up. He curled up in Gu Yesheng’s broad arms like a puddle of spring water.

Gu Yesheng gently bit Yi Jiamu’s earlobe. As the other person instinctively trembled, he licked downwards and sucked until he reached the position of the glands. Then as his breathing became increasingly heavier, he finally bit down.

Yi Jiamu moaned. A sudden electrical current flowed through his body. Yi Jiamu’s hands holding the bed sheet were white, his fingertips tight and his legs bent up uncontrollably. Such a move aroused Gu Yesheng’s desire even further and the original deep marking process inevitably became more enthusiastic.

The strong sense of demand made this process a bit greedy. He felt the person in his arms moving slightly and couldn’t help reaching out to grab the other person’s arms. He pressed his body down and controlled Yi Jiamu under him.

The incomparable possessiveness belonging to an alpha filled the warm atmosphere. Yi Jiamu could feel the two pheromones in his body fusing and turning into one and his body was filled with an unprecedented pleasure.

“Um.. uh…” These low groans were the only sound in the environment. Yi Jiamu’s ten fingers had curled up unknowingly. The blood in his body was sometimes stagnant and sometimes collapsed. His gasps became heavier while at the same time, his mind was completely blank due to this excessively strange feeling.

He could feel the man behind him tightening and the heavy breaths swept over his neck like fire, layer by layer. At this moment, the tired body in the cage felt an unprecedented pleasure.

The pheromones belonging to an alpha were injected from the glands from time to time due to the strong demands. This process of excessive blending made Yi Jiamu tighten his waist as he was stimulated to the extreme. He shivered and cooperated excessively.

It was inevitable that such a marking process took a long time. Gu Yesheng’s strong emotions seemed to take him away, pressing against him, biting him and absorbing him.

It was unknown how long it took until Gu Yesheng turned Yi Jiamu over and dropped a kiss on his lips. This made Yi Jiamu return to reality. His body was soft from absorbing too much but the pleasure during the entire process was clear. It was only a few moments but he wanted so much…

At this time, only exhaustion was left after passion. A heavy feeling pressed against him and Yi Jiamu barely had the strength to turn over. He retreated into Gu Yesheng’s arms. Then he felt Gu Yesheng’s hands around his waist as they held him tightly.

The two people snuggled up together and soon fell asleep in the peaceful environment where calm had been restored.

Then not long after, Yi Jiamu felt Gu Yesheng suddenly shaking, as if awakened by a dream demon. His apricot coloured eyes opened blankly and happened to meet the other person’s dark eyes. It seemed that all the fierce emotions had once again risen. Before the layer of sweat on his forehead could be wiped off, Gu Yesheng grabbed Yi Jiamu and kissed him fiercely.

The deep kiss that sought comfort and was filled with too much cherish ended and Gu Yesheng gasped slightly. “I want it again.”

The simple words caused desire to rush out again. Uncontrollable emotions slammed into his body again and again, seeking pacification and calm before the outbreak of complete madness.

It seemed they were doomed to have no sleep this night.

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