RS: Chapter 172

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In fact, Ming Yu recalled the first meeting of the two people a year ago. Ming Yu didn’t have too much feelings towards this man.

At that time, he only regarded the other person as an opponent he would surpass sooner or later. He only felt that Xi Ze was strong, the most difficult enemy he would ever face.

No one would’ve thought that Ming Yu would actually fall in love with this man.

Their love wasn’t sweet and affectionate like other lovers. They were shy about speaking words of love. Xi Ze was never like ordinary people. He always said, “Xiaoyu” or occasionally when ridiculing others, he would say ‘Darling.’ He almost never said ‘Ming Yu.’

This type of love was completely different from others but Ming Xiaoyu was unable to extricate himself from it.

When they met, their favourite thing to do was bicker. In general, Xi Ze mostly won. There were only a small number of cases where Ming Xiaoyu could see his weak appearance.

Like just now, it was obvious that Ming Yu had the upper hand. He wanted to blame this man for deliberately letting Elder Chen tell him about the previous matter, in order to make Ming Yu feel sad and distressed. But after hearing such a gentle explanation, Ming Yu felt an indescribable warmth pour into his body from his heart and he couldn’t help smiling.

Yes, Xi Ze’s gentleness was unreasonable.

This man had always been arrogant and unreasonable. He wouldn’t protect his lover like other people. He didn’t protect him from the storm and let Ming Yu think he was loving a perfect man. Xi Ze chose to reveal his humble and bullied past in order to let Ming Yu see him and fall in love with his complete self.

In fact, he didn’t make a mistake. Before this, Ming Yu always thought that Xi Ze’s life was smooth. Even if he suffered some twists and turns, he could still be safe, not to mention maintain his dignity.

Xi Ze actually crossed the world five times to send someone an invitation and then had the invitation openly thrown into a bin.

Ming Yu couldn’t even imagine what was going on in the mind of the exhausted Xi Ze. Xi Ze was always favoured and lived under the envy of others. But at that moment, his dignity had been thrown in the trash can. It was also in an obvious place where anyone could see, a public humiliation.

At that time, all the Rosalind executives were probably seeing Xi Ze as a joke.

The new chief designer of Ji and Ya repeatedly visited, was repeatedly refused and finally got in, only for this to lead to more humiliation.


The youth’s low voice was suddenly heard.

X Ze’s eyes slightly narrowed. Then the car slowed down and parked on the side of the road.

“Why do you suddenly want to stop…”

The youth suddenly kissed him, causing Xi Ze to fall back against the door. The kiss was too rough and harsh, causing Xi Ze’s teeth to hit the youth’s full lips. In the process of exchanging saliva, the scent of rust was smothered.

The vague and beautiful atmosphere between them disappeared.

Xi Ze immediately pulled Ming Yu back and carefully observed his lips. Once he discovered that his lips were covered with blood from a small wound, his eyes narrowed and he frowned with distress.

The two people were always very open about this and had s*x in rougher positions. But even then, Xi Ze was careful not to let Ming Yu shed a single drop of blood, always letting him feel extreme pleasure.

The last time he saw this youth bleeding was during the An Li shooting.

At the time, the young man’s head and back of his hand had been covered in blood. Xi Ze was so scared that he lost his ability to think.

Now Ming Yu was bleeding again.

“You are bleeding and have blood on your lips. Stop it with a paper towel, wipe the blood off then don’t touch it. It should stop very quickly.

“I don’t want to.”

Xi Ze looked blank.

“Because I want to kiss you.”

Regardless of the wound that hadn’t completely recovered, the youth rushed up again and kissed the man’s lips. If Xi Ze could still hold back at this time then he would have to change his name to Liuxia Hui. (

The tip of his tongue entered the youth’s lips. It didn’t matter if they were on the side of the road. His tongue madly licked every inch of the youth’s mouth, sucking and biting, causing the youth to let out a sweet voice.

The sound of the two tongues moving against each other was heard in the quiet car.

At the end of the kiss, Xi Ze looked at the youth in his arms and waited for the other person to breathe. Then he whispered, “This location is good. Since you have chosen it, I will respectfully obey.”

A black Aston Martin drove through the streets and into an underground car park. In the most remote corner, the car stopped and nobody got off. But the car shook slightly. It might be soundproofed but a person could hear one or two low breaths and groans if they approached.

Thanks to the excellent stability of the Aston Martin, it wasn’t obvious that this car was moving. It was also fortunate if there was a few empty spaces in the parking lot. Even if a person passed by, the two people in the car only slightly paused for a moment before going crazy again.

This type of crazy behavior of doing it outdoors made Ming Yu shocked beyond reason. He gritted his teeth and scolded, “You are crazy. If we are discovered, both of our reputations will be ruined!”

Xi Ze smiled, leaned close the youth’s ear and whispered, “Oh? Is that what you think? But that isn’t what your body is saying.”

After all, this was the first time they did this type of behavior in the car and Ming Yu started it. Once they ended the two hours of car s*x, both Xi Ze and Ming Yu felt a little sore. This space was too small to play freely~
They returned home and in the evening, the man first cooked a full table of dinner. Once Ming Yu finished his meal, Xi Ze turned to the youth in bed.

“A small fish eats shrimp, a big fish eats the small fish. You ate me food, I eat you. It is natural.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “Natural my ass!!!! (╬▔皿▔) !!”

In any case, before the youth left the capital, a certain man had a full meal and slept with his youth. It was unexpected that he could actually experience the shocking car game a few months earlier than originally arranged. Before Xi Ze fell asleep, he secretly thought, ‘Well, there is a chance to do more in the future. It is an unexpected harvest.’

Xi Ze didn’t know that after he feel asleep, the exhausted teenager slowly opened his eyes and lightly kissed Xi Ze’s lips. Then he buried his head in Xi Ze’s shoulder and continued to sleep.

This moment of ignorant behaviour gave Ming Xiaoyu a big lesson the next day.

Apart from the time when the two first tasted the forbidden fruit, Ming Xiaoyu was never this exhausted.  They didn’t do too much yesterday but it was probably because the location wasn’t right. He felt a tingling burn from behind and his waist was sore.

When Luo Ru came to pick him up, she looked at him with a strange horror in her eyes. Finally, she shyly reminded him, “That…Xiaoyu, you are a young man but it is a bit… cough, you should still pay attention to moderation.”

Ming Xiaoyu who was trying to correct his posture, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻!!”

Damn it! Break up, they must break up!

Fortunately, Ming Yu was only flying to S City and temporarily contacted the Feilu people. He had a good rest until the next day, where he officially started the promotion.

In the morning, in the largest shopping mall of S City, the middle of the site was surrounded by Feilu staff. The stage had already been built and the posters for the Feilu watches hung around the entire stage.

Once it was 10 in the morning, the mall opened and countless fans flocked. The entire shopping mall was packed. Even the largest shopping mall in S City rarely saw such a lively scene. These fans talked spontaneously in the beginning until someone reminded them to lower their voices. But they couldn’t completely hide the happy expressions on their faces!

“Ahhh! Feilu is amazing! Where is Mushroom, where is Mushroom?!!!”

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