VCRMM: Chapter 50 Part 1

Xu Sili lay against the edge of the bath, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. However, the hot water of the bath enveloped him and warmth surged in, making his body unable to calm down for a long time.

He couldn’t help gritting his teeth. He hadn’t eaten anything special today. Why was his body so dry?

This was a normal physiological phenomenon. He didn’t think anything of it but it also depended on the occasion! He had been in the world for so many days and had been very calm. He had never thought about this.

What was going on today? Even in front of Si Sheng…

A scene appeared in front of him.

The man’s palm caressed his back, slowly wandering down until finally…

The angle couldn’t be seen but this image clearly appeared in his mind. Then Xu Sili found that…

Fu*k, his little brother was even more excited!

He closed his eyes hard and hurriedly drove the image from his mind. It was just rubbing his back. Why was his little brother like this?

Was it because… he improved his body so fast?

The only thing Xu Sili could think of was that he rose to level 12 today. His physique broke through 60 points, his body grew taller and his body was also enhanced.

In just 10 days, he had grown two or three centimeters and his body was strong. He was no longer the original thin and weak person. He even had faint abdominal muscles appearing. Such rapid improvement would definitely cause side-effects!

Yes, the more he thought about it, the more reasonable it felt.

Even so, this didn’t alleviate his embarrassment at this moment. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have invited Si Sheng to take a bath with him!

F*ck, what should he do now?

Let Si Sheng leave?

Xu Sili pursed his lips and slowly straightened his waist. He could only be glad that he was currently in the bath. Hot water was spreading above his waist and the fog was white. The situation below couldn’t be seen.

He turned his head and saw the marshal standing behind him.

The blond man’s military uniform was drenched and his cold, white skin was slightly red due to the steaming heat.

He looked at Xu Sili, a bit of confusion in the gray-blue eyes as well as many other complex and inexplicable emotions.

Xu Sili’s eyes dodged away. He felt a bit sorry for the reprimand he had just given.


“Your Majesty…”

The two people opened their mouths at the same time. Xu Sili raised his eyes, only to find that Si Sheng wasn’t looking at him but down at the water.

Xu Sili perceived this person’s gaze and his face turned hot.

His little brother was saluting this person and it was also discovered by this person. Xu Sili felt that no matter how shameless, he couldn’t resist this scene of social death.

He opened his mouth to say something, only to see the man suddenly raise his hand.

Xu Sili thought he was going to be beaten and was about to dodge, only to find that Si Sheng just reached over and gently stroked his cheek.

He was startled and couldn’t help staring at Si Sheng.

The man’s gray-blue eyes were slightly dark but they were gentler.

Under his gaze, the handsome and mature man slightly smiled, his voice low and hoarse. It was sensual and bewitching.

“Your Majesty, let this servant come… okay?”

Si Sheng’s facial features had an unreal beauty, especially the brightly colored lips which were beautiful and seductive.

It was just that his cold personality and high strength made people ignore his beauty. They were instead intimidated by his aura.

Yet at this moment, it felt like all the ice and snow had melted. His expression was so gentle that people couldn’t help being attracted and sink into it.

Xu Sili stared in a daze. When the man asked him again if he was okay, he didn’t know what possessed him but he nodded.

By the time he returned to his senses, he had been turned around and held from behind.

He just wanted to struggle when a warm and thick hand grasped him. Then his refusal turned into a low groan.

Xu Sili placed his hands on the edge of the bath to support himself.

He slowly raised his head, leaned back against the man’s chest and narrowed his eyes.

The metal buttons of the military uniform touched his back from time to time. They were cool, slightly harsh and caused an unspeakable stimulation.

He turned his face and his forehead just touched the man’s jaw. As he got closer, his cheek was pressed against this man’s neck.

Xu Sili groaned uncontrollably and rubbed against Si Sheng with his cheek, feeling the beating of his pulse.

He closed his eyes and felt like he was dying. He was going to die at this man’s hands.

The water vapor lingered and the lights were dim.

The two figures were pressed tightly together while the ripples in the water stretched out endlessly.

Eventually, it all came to an abrupt end.

Xu Sili also softened. He leaned against the man’s arms, his cheeks flushed and his purple eyes covered with a layer of mist. He was a bit lost in thought in the long afterglow.

“Your Majesty.”

The man’s hoarse voice rang in his ear.

Xu Sili hummed slightly. His voice sounded like he had just cried and he didn’t recognize it. He leaned against Si Sheng’s arms and maintained a close posture that had long gone beyond that of a monarch and his official.

Si Sheng whispered softly, “Should I send you to the bedroom?”


Xu Sili was very well-behaved at this moment. He was like a satisfied cat.

He let Si Sheng pick him up and walk slowly out of the bath.

There was the sound of water splashing. The moment they left the bath, the water on their bodies turned into blue elemental particles and dissipated in the air.

Si Sheng pulled the robe off the shelf and wrapped it around Xu Sili. Then he carried Xu Sili and walked into the bedroom connected to the bathing room. He came to the bed and gently put Xu Sili down.

The moment he touched the bed, Xu Sili regained a bit of his mind. He hurriedly pulled the quilt and wrapped himself into a ball.

Si Sheng looked at the arched quilt on the bed, eyes dim.

He didn’t say anything. He just leaned over, placed his hands on the mattress and kissed the young man gently through the thick quilt.

Xu Sili felt the mattress sink and his body stiffened.

It was just that after this, there was no movement apart from a bit of rustling.

Si Sheng had kissed him through the quilt but he hadn’t noticed.

Just as he wanted to pull down the quilt and take a look, the man’s dull voice rang out across the quilt.

“Your Majesty, this servant will leave first.”

Xu Sili bit his lip and gave a low hum in response.

The man retreated. The mattress bounced back and it was followed by the sound of the man’s footsteps. Then the door closed, isolating all movement.

It was only then that Xu Sili slowly pulled off the quilt, revealing a face that was still red with messy hair.

He stared at the door for a while before laying down again. He pulled the quilt over himself and wrapped himself up.

F*ck, what a shame!

This matter must not be known, absolutely not!

Outside the door, Si Sheng stood quietly. He raised his hand lightly and purple sound elements left the door one after another, forming a soundproof barrier.

He lowered his eyes and his gaze fell on a bulge.

After a moment of silence, Si Sheng raised his feet and walked toward the bath. His military boots knocked against the tiles, making a clattering sound that echoed in the empty room.

His buttons were unbuttoned one by one. First the coat, the inner clothes and finally the pants slipped down to the ground.

He stepped into the bath with long legs.

Finally, in the position just now, he slowly sat down and allowed the warm water to spill over his chest.

Si Sheng’s eyes lowered, his long eyelashes casting a shadow over his eyelids.

He held up a handful of water, letting the water flow through his fingers and back into the bath along his arm.

The air of the young man was everywhere here.

Meanwhile, his hand had just… desecrated his god.

The blond man’s lips curved gently. The light shone on his face. It was hazy but he could still feel his pleasure.

His palm plunged into the water and moved slowly.

The man closed his eyes slightly. His handsome and cold face was still pious. He seemed to be remembering and imagining something.

Slowly, a light red color stained his cheeks.

It was very light but it was extremely obvious against his white skin. Abstinent yet sexy. His body was full of contradictions.

After a long time, the tremors in the water stopped.

Si Sheng kept his eyes closed. He leaned back against the edge of the bath, his arms spread out and his heavy breathing gradually became slow and long.

Finally, he opened his eyes and looked up at the closed door of the bedroom. His gray-blue eyes were shining with an even crazier desire and determination to win.

Xu Sili didn’t know any of this.

He was under the quilt while everything that happened in the bath was replayed in his mind.


Si Sheng’s sacrifice for freedom was too big, right?

Xu Sili was really dumbfounded and he also felt quite innocent.

It was true that he didn’t control his little brother but he wasn’t the one who made the request.

He had wanted to let Si Sheng leave and find a way to solve it himself. Who knew…

Recalling the scene just now, Xu Sili couldn’t help holding his forehead again. He really felt too ashamed to see the other person.


F*ck! It was actually pretty cool.

This thought flashed through his mind. Once he realized what he was thinking, Xu Sili covered his head with the quilt in shame and let out a muffled cry.

In any case, he was the only one in the room. He wasn’t afraid of being heard no matter how he called out.

After tossing and turning on the bed for a long time, Xu Sili slowly fell quiet and gradually fell asleep.

Outside the bathing palace, the maids dutifully stood guard in the corridor, waiting for the emperor and marshal to come out.

Of course, some who had the desire for gossip listened carefully to any movements inside. The emperor and patron saint! It was very exciting just thinking about it.

It was a pity that they couldn’t hear anything.

It wasn’t known how long it took before the door slowly opened and the well-dressed marshal walked out of the palace.

“I greet the marshal!”

The maids saluted and looked at the palace again.

Si Sheng glanced at them and his expression slowly darkened as he solemnly said, “His Majesty is resting in the palace. You must not disturb him.”

The maids responded one after another.

Si Sheng sent the maids away, leaving only the guards protecting the corridor. Then he flashed away and disappeared.

The bedroom connected to the bath was quiet.

The window opened a gap and wind came in. The curtains blew gently and in the looming moonlight, a tall figure slowly appeared in front of the window.

Slender fingers pulled the edge of the window and closed it with a click, blocking the night wind outside.

The man turned slightly and in the darkness, he gazed at the lump on the bed.

A long time passed before he walked over.

He took off his boots and coat before pressing one knee against the mattress. He leaned close to the quilt and gently pulled it away to reveal the young man who was already asleep.

His hand gently stroked the young man’s face before he slowly leaned down, kissing the forehead, bridge of the nose and finally landing on the plump lips.

He carefully tasted them.

Si Sheng didn’t dare use too much force out of fear he would wake up the other person.

They had obviously done such an intimate thing but only kissing was impossible.

It was because that could only be done by lovers.

After thinking of this, the bitterness in his heart caused Si Sheng to unknowingly exert a bit more force.

The sleeping youth groaned uncomfortably and showed some signs of waking up.

Si Sheng paused, his heart beating violently.

At this moment, he couldn’t tell if he wanted the young man to wake up and find that he had done something offensive.

However, the young man didn’t wake up.

He just opened his mouth a bit, licked his lips and went back to sleep.

Si Sheng stared at the sleeping face with a dazed expression.

He touched his lips with his fingertips and his lips slowly curved.

Finally, he reached for the quilt and covered both of them.

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