VCRMM: Chapter 57 Part 1

After a moment of effort, Xu Sili gave up.

It was because he discovered that this thing was showing the trend of growing…

A full five minutes passed before Xu Sili gritted his teeth again.

“How long will it take?” He asked while holding back his temper.

The man behind him seemed to become even more ashamed. He buried his face in Xu Sili’s neck without looking up.

Through the French windows, Xu Sili couldn’t see his expression.

He couldn’t help inwardly scolding. Finally, he didn’t know what happened to him but he suddenly asked, “Do you want me to help you?”

Once he finished speaking, he shut up awkwardly.

Then on reflection, Xu Sili regained his composure.

He had started this trouble. Si Sheng helped him last time. Now he would help Si Sheng back. Wasn’t this even?

Then he clearly felt the man’s body freeze.

It was really stiff.

Xu Sili’s eyes fluttered as he became more and more embarrassed.

It was true that men weren’t so careful about these things but it was difficult to say that they could completely face it.

Finally, Xu Sili took advantage of this person’s stiffness to break free.

He couldn’t stay in this place!

Just as he was about to run out of the bedroom, the man spoke in a somewhat suppressed voice.

“Your Majesty, are you serious?”

He seemed to be trying to control himself but his ending tone carried a slight tremble that was heard by Xu Sili.

Si Sheng seemed to be very sad.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and said nothing. Finally, he scratched his head with a bit of irritability.

He had a dark expression as he turned to face Si Sheng.

The man lowered his head and his golden hair seemed to fall down.

His elbows were resting on his thighs and his body leaned forward. The blanket that was placed on him just happened to conceal a certain place.

Xu Sili saw that this man’s ears hidden behind his blond hair were dyed red, like he guessed.

He couldn’t see Si Sheng’s face clearly but the man in the military uniform was inexplicably sexy and seductive.

Xu Sili licked his lower lip and the irritability on his face became lighter.

He paused for a few seconds before walking forward and placing a hand on the man’s shoulder.

Si Sheng froze.

Then he turned his face to one side and whispered, “Your Majesty, leave first. This servant… will solve it myself.”

Xu Sili saw him like this and lightly raised an eyebrow. However, he didn’t want to leave.

“Talk less nonsense.”

He gently pushed his hand. Si Sheng leaned back against the sofa but said, “Your Majesty, this isn’t appropriate…”

The man was still hiding his face, revealing his smooth and beautiful side profile and jaw, as well as his slightly flushed neck.

Si Sheng closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. The madness and darkness buried deep in his bones seemed to be shouting to break through his body.

He didn’t want to hurt his god.

Lord God was so beautiful and he could feel the distance between them gradually getting closer. He didn’t want everything to go back to the beginning. He didn’t want to lose the qualification to stand beside Lord God.

However, it would be difficult to say if he stayed here any longer.

His sense of reason didn’t work all the time.

After all, with Lord God’s current weakness, the choice to imprison Lord God forever by his side was full of temptation.

Si Sheng endured it. The blue veins spread all the way down his jaw but it wasn’t hideous. Rather, there was a strange beauty.

He didn’t know that the more he resisted, the more he made Xu Sili want to cooperate.

The young man without the slightest sense of danger raised his eyebrow.

“It isn’t appropriate?”

He knelt on the sofa, bent over to approach Si Sheng and smiled mischievously. “Why didn’t you say that last time?”

Then the young man in gorgeous clothing reached under the blanket.

There was the sharp sound of metal buckles colliding and the rustling of clothes before he did what Si Sheng had done to him.

Long silver hair hung down in the air and occasionally tangled with the man’s blond hair.

Xu Sili raised his eyes with curiosity, wanting to see what type of expression Si Sheng was making at this moment. Then he suddenly felt a huge force coming from behind him.

He was forced to move forward into Si Sheng’s arms, his head resting on the other person’s shoulder.

He couldn’t see anything…

Xu Sili curled his lips, a bit uncomfortable.

He leaned against the man’s shoulder and listened to the thicker and heavier breathing. He tried to suppress his own breathing but he slowly felt a bit hot.

His breathing was heavier and his breath intentionally or unintentionally sprayed against the man’s neck.

Si Sheng still closed his eyes.

At this moment, his mind was empty. The young man’s hand seemed to have some type of magical power. The moment he was touched, the dark thoughts in his heart died down again.

He quietly enjoyed this moment, obsessed and attached.

He never thought there would be such a day.

He also didn’t dare to hope that in the future, there would be a time when he was closer to Lord God than right now.

He really hoped this time could last forever.

Xu Sili slowly felt a bit tired.

Why was it taking so long? In addition…

It was so big.

There might be some resentment in his heart but since he had started it, Xu Sili felt there was no reason to stop halfway.

It wasn’t known how long it took before Xu Sili let out a sigh of relief. The man also let go of his hand pressing against Xu Sili’s back.

He straightened up.


Xu Sili opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but he finally lost his voice.

He didn’t know what to say. He only felt that Si Sheng was really strong on all levels.

He was a bit envious.

He helped organize the man’s clothes and wiped his hands on the already dirty blanket.

Si Sheng’s neat white military uniform was a bit messy. His belt was tied a bit crooked. It was a bit fascinating but fortunately, there were no unbearable traces left.

Xu Sili saw him leaning back against the sofa with his eyes still closed. The ends of his eyes were a bit red and he looked like he had been bullied. Even so, Xu Sili strangely saw a hint of pleasure.

“Cough cough—”

He coughed slightly. “That… you adjust yourself first. I’m going out.”

Then he got up very irresponsibly and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. After that, he left the bedroom.

Xu Sili didn’t notice that when he went out, the man watched his back with deep eyes.

Once his figure had disappeared completely, the corners of his lips raised and he gave a low laugh.

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