VCRMM: Chapter 76 Part 1

In the palace, the light gradually brightened as the sun rose.

The drapery made of soft gauze hung down from the top of the bed and was gently blown by the wind. The figure behind the gauze could be faintly seen.

The young man with long silver hair had a slightly flushed face and a pair of beautiful purple eyes that shone with water.

He ducked and kept rubbing his back.

Finally, he went from lying on his back to sitting up against the head of the bed. The nightgown on his upper body seemed to be pulled by something and slipped off his shoulders, revealing a large area of fair skin.

The quilt that was bulging in front of him fell down between his waist and abdomen due to his dodging action. A few strands of soft blond hair were exposed, shining slightly.

“What are you so crazy about?”

Xu Sili grabbed the edge of the quilt with both hands and looked down at the man who was lying on his side, entire body almost pressed against Xu Sili.

At this moment, Xu Sili’s cheeks were flushed, his eyes were a bit blurry due to water and his lips were dyed a bright color due to shyness.

Si Sheng stared at him with some obsession.

The sun shone on the young man’s face, making his milky white skin transparent. He was like a plump peach that made people want to take a bite to see if they could get the juices.

Under the young man’s annoyed gaze, Si Sheng stretched out a hand and gently touched his cheek, rubbing it carefully.

Lord God’s appearance when angry…

“You are so beautiful,” he said softly with a smile in his eyes.

Xu Sili felt that these fingers seemed to have some magic. Even though it was a light touch, it made a tremor climb up his spine and his blood boiled slightly.

His heartbeat… it accelerated uncontrollably.

He saw the man’s gray-blue eyes full of tenderness and bit his lip. He turned his head slightly and avoided this hand.

Si Sheng’s hand stayed in the air and he looked at the hand that was avoided. Then he looked at the young man’s side profile and his eyes slightly darkened.

“Your Majesty…” He reached out and stroked the young man’s hair. “Don’t you like this servant’s compensation?”

He looked up at the young man while raising his hand and kissing the hair that he was holding in the palm of his hand.

Xu Sili glanced at him and saw the appearance of kissing his hair.

Si Sheng’s lips were very beautiful and the color was very bright. In particular, there was a bit of water at this moment and it showed some temptation. It made people want to…

His Adam’s apple moved.

Xu Sili swallowed.

Once Si Sheng looked over, Xu Sili bit his lower lip and looked away again. His voice was very low and he said with a bit of shame. “The other side also…”

His voice was so soft and light that ordinary people couldn’t hear it at all.

However, Si Sheng wasn’t a normal person.

He blinked, wondering if he heard incorrectly but… looking at the young man’s almost red ears under his silver hair, he quickly understood.

Si Sheng froze for a moment. Then his lips slowly curved and his gray-blue eyes seemed to be filled with stars.


He responded in a voice full of gentle indulgence.

Then he leaned down again. The quilt covered him and revealed only a few strands of fluffy, dazzling blond hair.

In the veil of light gauze, the young man sitting at the head of the bed was visible. His body was hidden under the quilt but his shoulders were exposed. His soft silk nightgown was loosened and most of it slipped off.

His face was turned to one side as a faint flush spread from his cheeks to his slender neck.

His hands tightly gripped the edge of the quilt. His fingers tightened with the slight ups and downs of his chest and his pink nails turned white due to the force.

The young man’s eyes were slightly closed and he bit his lower lip.

Then the bulge in front of his chest slowly moved downwards, his eyes opened sharply. Then soon, the long eyelashes drooped down weakly.

The teeth that touched his lower lip loosened and his mouth opened slightly. His breathing gradually became heavier, his eyes were blurred and the water in them became more abundant.

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