OIAA: Chapter 66

There was silence the moment Yi Jiamu finished speaking. Perhaps Gu Yesheng was shocked by such a straightforward revelation. He didn’t speak for a long time. Yi Jiamu thought about it. In order to express his attitude more clearly, he suddenly stroked and licked Gu Yesheng’s glands. Under the excessive teasing, Gu Yesheng’s back trembled clearly.

Before Yi Jiamu could say anything, Gu Yesheng turned around and grabbed his shoulder. The light wasn’t turned on but Yi Jiamu noticed the corners of Gu Yesheng’s eyes were red as they filled with lust and desire due to the faint light leaking through the window.

The low and hoarse voice breathed heavily, filled with an indescribable temptation. “Yi Jiamu, you said it yourself.”

Yi Jiamu gave a low hum and smiled at him. “Do it.”

The second time clearly expressed his permission and Gu Yesheng let go of the last of his restraint.

The physical fatigue and collisions in his mind had pushed him to the edge of an explosion. At this moment, he relaxed and he couldn’t conceal his desire caused by the temptation of the omega pheromones.

The smell that belonged to an alpha trapped Yi Jiamu in a strong cave. He was turned over and pressed tightly underneath Gu Yesheng. As if making a declaration, the person behind him licked his glands and then bit down deeply.

The smell of narcissus instantly swallowed up all of the sourness of the green plums. The overwhelming pheromones instantly filled the corner.

Yi Jiamu could clearly feel the difference between this absorption and the one during the susceptible period. He instinctively pulled the pillow in front of him. Then Gu Yesheng grabbed his slender wrist and held it firmly.

As the temporary mark was carried out, pheromones belonging to the alpha started to frantically pour into his body. Yi Jiamu could feel his body become soft. Under Gu Yesheng’s heavy breathing, the messy bed sheet was pulled and he deeply embedded his fingers into it.

He didn’t know if it was due to Gu Yesheng’s urgent need to vent or if it was because this was their first time marking, but the entire process seemed extremely long.

It was also the first time Yi Jiamu had such intimate contact with an alpha. As his face and ears turned red, the pheromones belonging to an alpha melted in his body and caused waves of enthusiasm to surge to his mind.

All his thoughts became clouded over in an instant. At this moment, he truly felt that Gu Yesheng needed him so much. It was as if a simple mark couldn’t satisfy him. After the first time, Gu Yesheng woke Yi Jiamu up several times throughout the night to repeat it. It was like looking for some type of sustenance. He pressed hard against Yi Jiamu’s body and frantically asked for solace again and again.

Due to the mad desire to vent the emotions in his body, Gu Yesheng’s movements inevitably became a bit rough. He used the last remaining trace of reason to be as gentle as possible. The intense repeated markings and physiological reactions made Yi Jiamu instinctively felt some heat in his eyes.

However, in order to not affect Gu Yesheng’s mood, he buried his head in the pillow and let out low sobs. He was tossed over and over until gradually, both of them lost their ability to think. It was an instinctive dependence and comfort between each other until all the strength in their bodies was hollowed out bit by bit until complete exhaustion was reached.

Finally, Gu Yesheng left a deep kiss on his glands and everything returned to silence.

There were still faint tear marks in the corner of Yi Jiamus’e eyes. He raised his dry eyes and saw Gu Yesheng breathing deeply beside him. Gu Yesheng’s calm face was restored and his furrowed brow was finally completely relaxed.

His body was exhausted so Yi Jiamu struggled to raise his hand and touch this overly beautiful face. It was as he thought before. He was marked by Gu Yesheng and didn’t feel any regrets.

It was because he liked Gu Yesheng. He didn’t know when it started but he liked this person. Now Gu Yesheng finally left a mark on his body, complete and clear.


It was probably due to being tossed all night. The next day, the dazed Yi Jiamu didn’t wake up until noon. The windows in the room had all been opened, making the excessively ambiguous pheromones smell in the room fade away a lot. He looked up and saw lunch boxes on the table.

A familiar figure was sitting on the sofa and immediately looked over. “You woke up?”

Yi Jiamu rubbed his eyes and held the quilt while slowly sitting up. He watched Gu Yesheng for a long time and determined that this person had returned to his completely normal demeanour. He was relieved.

Yi Jiamu responded in a low voice. He was about to get out of bed to wash but when he stepped on the ground, he felt his legs weaken. He quickly supported himself using the bedside table so that he didn’t fall to the ground.

Gu Yesheng noticed the movement and immediately ran over to hold him. “What’s wrong?”

Yi Jiamu wasn’t familiar with this faintly numb feeling but slowly got used to it. “It’s fine. My legs are just a bit weak.”

Needless to say, it was because he had been tossed too many times last night. Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s somewhat pitiful gaze and apologized in his heart. Still, he couldn’t help laughing. “I wasn’t good and couldn’t control myself.”

Yi Jiamu pressed his lips together. He thought for a moment before speaking objectively, “It seems we must never do such a thing before a match.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help pausing as he helped Yi Jiamu to the bathroom. Then he laughed. “Why? How many more times do you want to be marked?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at him in a calm manner. “If you need it, you can come find me anytime.”

Based on Gu Yesheng’s current state, this type of pheromones treatment was very effective. Yi Jiamu was naturally very willing if his pheromones could make Gu Yesheng feel less tortured.

Gu Yesheng stared at Yi Jiamu and felt emotional. Since his parents died in the accident, he didn’t remember how long it had been since he received this feeling of being cherished. The heart that should’ve been numb was a soft mess and he didn’t even notice it. His eyes were filled with a gentle light as he smiled. “Okay, I will note it down.”

Yi Jiamu nodded and headed into the bathroom. He briefly washed his face, took a shower and once he came out, he sat at the table to eat the lunch boxes Gu Yesheng had prepared.

Today was the last day of the round of six. However, Gu Yesheng said he had asked for leave and Yi Jiamu no longer needed to hurry to watch the game. He could fill up his stomach first. It could be seen that the lunch box had been kept heated the whole time and the food was still warm as he brought it to his mouth.

Yi Jiamu finished eating and felt like he had recovered some strength. He looked up at Gu Yesheng packing up his things and asked, “Senior, have you offended anyone?”

Gu Yesheng looked suspicious. “Why do you ask?”

Yesterday, Gu Yesheng had been in the wrong state and Yi Jiamu hadn’t told him Ji Wenxing’s words. Now that Gu Yesheng had returned to normal, he didn’t continue to hide it.

Gu Yesheng listened to Yi Jiamu and was silent for a moment. “I know. I will investigate this matter.”

Yi Jiamu wondered, “However, if Perpetual Full Moon wins today, there is a possibility that he will hit you again in the next match?”

Gu Yesheng gently rubbed Yi Jiamu’s head, seemingly enjoying such an action. “There is no need to worry about it. I will consider countermeasures for that time.”

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