RS: Chapter 101 Uncensored

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Chapter 101

It started at the entrance and the cumbersome clothing was removed as the owners moved to the bedroom.

From the beginning, the two people had no intention of turning on the lights. After Xi Ze’s words, there was nothing more to say. Ming Yu actively came forward to kiss his lips and seal his next words.

Both of them weren’t innocent young children. Everything seemed natural and once it reached that critical point, it erupted and got out of hand.

The beginning of the kiss was a battle of entanglement. Xi Ze held the youth in his arms, with one hand behind the head so that the youth couldn’t retreat. Due to his inferior height, Ming Yu had to tilt to kiss the man’s lips, but his arm pulled down the man hard so that Xi Ze couldn’t look down on him.

The two men kissed fiercely in the bedroom. The thin shirt worn by the youth was completely torn, while Xi Ze had already taken off his thin sweater, looking at the youth with a naked upper body.

As the world’s top male supermodel, Xi Ze’s figure was really good. His muscles weren’t like knots. Instead, they were skillfully laid on top of the body, strong muscles that formed a beautiful and smooth curve.

The two men stood in front of the bed, breathing lowly. The youth’s lips were still covered in a layer of moisture while the man’s lips were cracked and bleeding from where it had been bitten by the youth in the beginning.

Ming Yu looked up at the tall and handsome man in front of him and pulled Xi Ze onto the bed before he could react. The youth’s sudden movement made Xi Ze feel a little startled. Before he could react, the youth pressed up and kissed his lips again.

This was a touch without a trace of distance. Xi Ze used the tip of his tongue to deftly pry open Ming Yu’s mouth. His dexterous tongue swept through the youth’s mouth quickly, drawing out the sweet body fluid. The exchange of saliva caused the room to be filled with ambiguous breathing. The loud sound of the saliva caused both of them to be deeply immersed as they madly kissed each other.

Ming Yu’s fingers were firmly holding onto Xi Ze’s hair. At this time, Xi Ze stretched out his hand, plunging it into the white shirt and stroking the youth’s thin waist. His fingers glided over the graceful curve of the waist before finally landing on the bulges of the chest, gently kneading.


Ming Yu couldn’t help letting out a sweet groan and relaxed for a moment. The kiss stopped, but immediately afterwards, there was a sudden pain from his chest.

“Ah…Xi Ze, you bastard…”

Ming Yu’s fingers held tightly to the man’s hair as the latter bit the youth’s chest without hesitation, leaving shallow tooth marks. The pain hit Ming Yu’s brain and caused his legs to suddenly feel weak. He couldn’t believe he was so sensitive that even pain made his legs weaken.

Then the man wantonly licked his chest, causing the youth to give a low shout.


The rough tongue glided over the soft curves, sometimes sucking softly, sometimes raging like a storm. A burst of numbness was transmitted from Ming Yu’s chest to his brain, causing him to sink into it, unable to resist.

The small nipples pointed into the air like small red beans. The red dot on the other side was being played by the man’s fingers. After biting all of the youth’s chest, Xi Ze bit the left nipple again. Ming Yu cursed bluntly, “Ohh Xi Ze, you’re not human…oh…”

There was another kiss, the man sealing the youth’s curses.

The two people warmly kissed each other. Their fingers touched each other’s waist and they became stunned. They suddenly opened their eyes and looked at each other with surprise. Once the lips were separated, a beautiful silver thread was brought out as Ming Yu gasped, “What do you want…?”

Xi Ze gave a low laugh. “What do you want to do?”

In response to each other, the two people started kissing again. But during the kiss, the two men were tearing off the pants that were in the way. Xi Ze threw his back and it hit a glass on the table. The glass fell and shattered. Ming Yu threw his towards a mural on the wall, only for it to fall to the ground

Both hands touched the other person’s vital part at the same time, making them issue a low sigh.

The youth’s fingers were lightly pressed against the hot, hard object, while the man moved faster. His right hand passed directly through the useless cloth and tightly gripped the youth’s member that was standing upright.


Ming Yu raised his eyes and looked at Xi Ze. Xi Ze’s eyes showed his amorous feelings as he smiled, suddenly raising a finger and pressed it against the wet head of the youth’s member.

“Ah…Xi Ze, you shameless, uh…”

Xi Ze ignored the youth’s praise and quickly pulled at the erect penis. Ming Yu’s actions obviously weren’t as skilled. He clumsily ran his fingers up and down the man’s giant member. His skill was poor but Xi Ze couldn’t help letting out a few gasps.

He seemed to feel that clothes were too obtrusive. Xi Ze directly pulled off the last piece of clothing on the youth. The light blue underwear slid down the thighs. The lines of his legs were graceful and beautiful, making Xi Ze’s heart skip a beat.

Lust had penetrated deeply and he had no more patience.

Xi Ze pulled the youth’s fingers away and ignoring Ming Yu’s surprised eyes, Xi Ze suddenly leaned down and swallowed the youth’s lower half.

“Ah…uh, ahh…”

The tight heat of the mouth caused an electric shock to jump from Ming Yu’s lower body, stimulating him and making him groan. Along with that burst of pleasure, it was psychologically great. Ming Yu’s slender fingers gently held onto the man’s hair. He looked down at the man showing his desire.

This man was very serious about cleanliness.

Xi Ze always said that as long as he owned the things, he wasn’t paranoid about the cleanliness. But Ming Yu remembered that every time Xi Ze finished cooking, he always washed his fingers carefully, even if he was cooking for them.

Now this man had swallowed his member.

The psychological satisfaction completely overwhelmed the physical pleasure, making Ming Yu give low shouts.

“There…just there…ah…”

“Bastard…so good ahhh…”

“Ahhh…uh…en…no, I’m going to shoot, ah…”

Once the youth was going to shoot, Xi Ze released his mouth. He really didn’t intend to swallow the milky semen. However, his timing was already somewhat late. Almost all of the semen was shot on his beautiful face. Setting aside Xi Ze, even Ming Yu was shocked.

The pleasure of his body was still echoing softly in his brain. Ming Yu never imagined that such a scene would appear in front of him. Xi Ze’s face was stained with Ming Yu’s semen, it was too exciting. Before Ming Yu’s alertness had come back, he already took the initiative to lick his own semen from the man’s face.

The youth’s red tongue licking the milky white semen. Ming Yu having this type of appearance was unimaginable, leading Xi Ze to make an impulsive choice. Originally, Xi Ze had some resistance when the liquid shot on his face. He wasn’t disgusted but he didn’t like it.

Yet once he saw the youth man personally lick up this liquid, a fiery impulse filled his body. He finally broke through the last bit of squeamishness and slammed the youth down, sharing the remaining semen in the mouth.

A rich musk filled the room as the two people touched each other’s body. The pleasure of ejaculation was still filling Ming Yu’s brain, making it hard for him to extricate himself. He felt a bit dizzy and the reason wasn’t very clear.

At this time, the man’s fingers suddenly entered a certain place, causing Ming Yu’s eyes to suddenly open from the stimulation.

The man’s lubricated middle finger was penetrating the youth’s back hole unimpeded. The strong foreign sensation caused Ming Yu to frown uncomfortably. At the same time, he gently pushed away the man who was still kissing him.

The moment he was pushed away, Xi Ze’s finger made a pop sound and withdrew from the youth’s body.

Ming Yu’s cheeks flushed slightly. He gasped as he asked, “What are you doing…cough…”

Ming Yu didn’t know when but Xi Ze had a bottle of lubricant in his hand. The other hand was already covered with lubrication and it seemed he had just slipped it into the youth’s body.

Xi Ze lips curved at this question. “Fucking you.”

This shameless answer made Ming Yu raise an eyebrow. “Why don’t I fuck you?”

Xi Ze gave a low laugh. “You can try.”

As soon as his words ended, XI Ze pulled the youth’s ankle and pulled him into Xi Ze’s arms. At the same time, the slender middle finger was once again mercilessly inserted into the youth’s small hole.


This feeling wasn’t welcome but he didn’t hate it. Ming Yu originally wanted to protest. But as the man’s finger gradually teased his body, he felt a faint pleasure from the intestinal wall to his brain.

Since it felt pretty good, he would let this man do it for the time being.

One finger quickly became two fingers. But once it reached the third finger, the youth’s tight hole resisted the foreign invasion and refused to allow the third finger to enter, no matter how lubricated.

Xi Ze frowned at this and pulled out his fingers. The sudden emptiness made Ming Yu give a low hum. Then the next second, a cold liquid was suddenly poured on his back hole, causing him to tremble.

Half a bottle of lubricant was poured. The cold touch hit the hot intestinal wall, causing it to contract and Ming Yu to feel both strange and thrilled at the same time. It was a little cool but seemed a bit inadequate. The fingers still didn’t fit…

Ming Yu thought this and pulled at the man who seemed to be thinking about how to insert three fingers. Xi Ze’s eyes became shocked as the youth said with a red face, “This time, I will let you enter me. Next time we will change positions. Don’t worry about that and do it directly.”

Xi Ze replied, “I have seen a guide on preparation before. It needs at least three fingers or…”

“Don’t talk nonsense. If you are a man then come! Or we will switch!”

This made Xi Ze stare dangerously at the youth for a long time. Ming Yu became numb and intended to say, “Forget it, just continue,” when suddenly–! His waist was jerked down. The next second, a splitting pain came from behind!

“Ahhh…hurts…go out…hurts…”

But the man just kept penetrating in response.

The man’s large stick was completely inserted into the youth’s small hole, his lower body closing around it. This made Xi Ze sigh with satisfaction, but Ming Yu was so pained that tears emerged.

“Hurts…too painful, go out!”

“There is no bleeding. The previous preparations were good.”

“I said it hurts! Are you still not removing it?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “You want me to listen to you?”

Ming Yu nodded. “Yes.”

Xi Ze’s lips curved. “Then I am not a man.”

The next moment, the young man’s eyes widened as Xi Ze started a frantic thrusting.

His narrow intestinal tract was mercilessly penetrated by the man’s large member, ruthlessly pulling it out and then inserting it again. Every thrust brought with it the man’s large red flesh and penetrated to the deepest part, so that the youth couldn’t withdraw.

At the beginning, the pain made Ming Yu desperately want to escape. He had never experienced this type of pain before. Even when he used his fingers, it felt quite comfortable. How could this actually hurt so much?

But he couldn’t run away. He had just shouted “Are you a man?” and now he wanted to run away?

Xi Ze pulled the youth into his arms, preventing him from escaping. He kissed the tears that spilled from the youth’s eyes and slowly down the movements of his lower body. “Does it still hurt?”

Ming Yu nodded lightly. “It hurts…you are too big…”

Xi Ze squinted slightly. “Be a little patient. If it doesn’t improve then I will withdraw.”

The hot penis in the youth’s body twitched slightly. Ming Yu nodded in agreement, allowing the man to thrust back into his hole. Slowly, as time passed, the biting pain gradually subsided. It was following by the feeling of his intestinal tract being rubbed.

Ming Yu couldn’t help groaning.

Upon hearing this, Xi Ze knew that Ming Yu had probably adapted.

Thus, his movements started to accelerate, hitting that hot hole.

Once he hit a certain point, Ming Yu’s groan elongated and the muscles of his body tightened. His whole body trembled. Xi Ze immediately smiled and hit the point harder.

“Ahhhh….so good…um…”

“Is it good?”

“En…not enough…”

Xi Ze jerked and asked, “What?”

In the moonlight, the youth’s forehead was covered with a layer of sweat. At this moment, those enchanting lips curve in a provocative manner. “You can’t, ahh…too slow…not good enough ahhh….”

In response to the youth’s shocking words, the man suddenly accelerated.

His sturdy waist kept moving as he slammed into the softest part of the youth’s body, making Ming Yu groan. This intense pleasure had completely captured Ming Yu. His sensitive body made him want to hold onto the forbidden fruit and he grabbed the man. He jerked Xi Ze down and sat up.

As Xi Ze watched with surprise, Ming Yu raised his body and sat down on the man’s member. Xi Ze’s eyes became bloodshot as he saw his penis penetrating the small hole. As Ming Yu became stimulated by the pleasure, Xi Ze once again pushed down the youth. He lifted one of Ming Yu’s legs and mercilessly thrust in again.

“Ahhhh…you uh…hurry…I’m coming…”

“We’ll do it together uh…”


During his second ejaculation, Ming Yu was directly shot by the man behind him. The tight cavern clenched around the giant member that was still thrusting in and out, causing Xi Ze to let out a breath and release. The hot liquid filled the youth, who was shaking from the pleasure. Ming Yu let out beautiful and sweet sounds.

After the first time, Xi Ze didn’t pull out right away. Filled with the pleasure of the aftermath, he gently thrust into the youth’s hot hole that was still spasming. A little more time passed before he finally pulled out.

There was a pop sound and milky liquid flowed from the bright red hole.

Both of them were at a vigorous age and Xi Ze had a serious obsession with cleanliness. This wasn’t just the first time for Ming Yu, but also Xi Ze. Therefore, after breaking the initial taboo, they had no scruples about moving love wildly without thinking about temperance.

They had probably done too much, as the youth’s small hole couldn’t completely close for a time. It revealed a small gap that seemed to tempt the man to insert himself again.

The second lovemaking was carried out again when Ming Yu was half asleep.

He was dozing off when he felt a thrilling feeling behind him. He raised his legs in a dazed manner and hooked it around the other man’s waist, allowing Xi Ze to take. At the same time, he also drowned in the pleasure.

The night passed. Although they had only done it twice, it made Ming Yu too tired to even lift a finger.

What was that saying? An old virgin would kill people.

Xi Ze was 26 years old this year. His obsession with cleanliness with really large. If not for it being his muse, he wouldn’t even dirty his own body, let alone do something like this. On the other side, Ming Yu could also be considered 26 years old. Previously, he was too busy with work and then he became sick, not giving him an opportunity to do such things.

What happened when two old virgins were added together?

It got out of hand once they tasted the forbidden fruit!

In particular, when Xi Ze thought about doing this type of thing with his most beloved person, he was so excited that he even forgot the cardinal directions!

So the next morning, when Xi Ze woke up, the first thing he did was sneak in while his lover was still sleeping. But he had just entered the youth’s body and hadn’t come yet when he heard Ming Yu whispering, “For me, next time…change…”

Xi Ze was taken aback and waited a moment. Then he confirmed that Ming Yu was talking in his sleep. Something like this…

Xi Ze’s lips curved. Well, he could only think about it in dreams.

After this visit, Xi Ze’s sexual interest reduced a lot. Since Mr. Xi started the morning with physical and mental pleasure, he was in a rare satisfied mood and thoughtfully got out of bed to make a light porridge.

By the time Xi Ze pushed open the door of the bedroom, Ming Xiaoyu was awake, staring at the ceiling with open eyes and not moving.

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at the sight, placing the plate on the side of the bed and asking, “What happened?”

After a moment, Ming Yu replied in a hoarse voice, “I am paralyzed.”

Xi Ze, “…”

Last night, it was unknown how many times Ming Yu gave a low shout, so it was right that his voice was hoarse. But the phrase ‘I’m paralyzed’ was too exaggerated. Even the calm Xi Ze couldn’t help feeling like this.

The bright sun shone through the large floor-to-ceiling windows into the house. There was still a mess on the bed, but the obsessive Mr. Xi didn’t pay attention to this issue. Instead, he asked with a low smile, “What’s wrong?”

Ming Xiaoyu looked at the ceiling and said, “I can’t move from the bed.” He paused before adding, “This is all your fault. Make it up to me. Help me up first then feed me and I will consider how to punish you.”

This was the first time Xi Ze had been coerced. He couldn’t help finding it a bit funny. After all, he was physically and mentally satisfied. Xi Ze chose to play the game of patient and doctor. While feeding the small mushroom, Xi Ze suddenly had a thought. “Last night, you fell asleep and I helped you clean up. Do you have a fever or any stomach pain?”

Ming Xiaoyu shook his head as he ate the porridge. “Fortunately, there is no fever and my stomach doesn’t hurt.” After saying this, Ming Xiaoyu bowed his head to take another sop of porridge. But as he looked down, he suddenly remembered, “Don’t you seem quite familiar with this type of thing? You know how to clean up? Oh yes, you also have that item at one of your homes…”

Xi Ze was a little startled by the words before saying quietly, “There is nothing wrong with being prepared.” The man fed Ming Yu a spoonful of porridge and said earnestly, “You are the one who took my first time.”


The mouthful of porridge was sprayed over Xi Ze’s hands.

Fortunately, the porridge was no longer hot and XI Ze’s hands weren’t scalded. It was just a mess that even Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t tolerate. He no longer played the patient game as Ming Xiaoyu quickly took a piece of paper and wiped the porridge away.

As he was wiping, Ming Xiaoyu asked with confusion, “I thought you didn’t like being dirty. Why aren’t you showing a reaction despite this? You should be hurrying to the bathroom to wash your hands. It should be for a full five minutes, just like when I first met you.”

The cold-looking man watched as the youth carefully cleaned his hand. His deep eyes fixed on the handsome young man and his expression became gentler.

Xi Ze calmly replied to Ming Yu’s question. “I was able to help you lick that up, how can this be too dirty?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

Xi Ze! Can you still make this face?  Your good image is collapsing you know?”

The handsome man smiled and said, “It is okay. I will continue to do it the next time.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…눈_눈”

Really, don’t push old virgins. Look at these two old virgins, one was completely without a limit while the other one was paralyzed. The readers can anticipate what a shameless and colourful life these two would live in the future.

The two people had done too much last night and had no scruples about their bodies, but Xi Ze’s aftermath care was very good. In the afternoon, Ming Xiaoyu was able to get out of bed normally. By the time it was evening, his walking posture was no longer so strange.

While Xi Ze was making dinner, Ming Xiaoyu leaned against the door frame and watched silently.

He suddenly had a thought, “No, didn’t you say yesterday that you thought I was too young for this type of thing? Why are you so skilled? You already have the supplies ready and know how to clean up afterwards.”

Xi Ze’s hand gestures paused at the youth’s words. After a moment, he replied calmly, “Thus, I prepared.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Oh, was he a human beast?

Once the two people sat down at the table to eat, Ming Xiaoyu pushed the millet porridge away, not having much appetite. This time, Xi Ze didn’t wait for him to speak. Xi Ze put down his chopsticks first and asked in a low voice, “Don’t you want to know my relationship with Chaoman?”

Ming Xiaoyu became tense at the words. Then he chuckled and said, “Not interested.”

Xi Ze made a meaningful “Oh.” Then he said, “But I’m interested in saying it.”

Ming Xiaoyu’s face turned red as he remembered how he was jealous last night. He immediately refused, “I already said that I have no interest. I know that you and Chaoman can’t have a strange relationship. You are just friends, it is normal…”

“We’re not friends.”

Xi Ze’s words made Ming Xiaoyu choke back the rest of his sentence.

He looked at the cold and indifferent man and things such as ‘clothed animal’, ‘truly heartless’, ‘fickle with the heart’, ‘you aren’t human’, a slag and so on went through Ming Xiaoyu’s brain. Ming Xiaoyu was determined that if this bastard dared speak ambiguous words, he would throw the porridge in his hand at that handsome face.

But the next second, Xi Ze smiled and said, “She is my little aunt.”

Ming Xiaoyu who just lifted his bowl, “…”

After a moment, Ming Xiaoyu put down the bowl with a guilty expression and asked with a hollow laugh, “She is your…what?”

Xi Ze smiled, coughed slightly and said, “He Chaoman, she is my little aunt.”


At dinner, Ming Xiaoyu finally learned from Xi Ze why a 26 year old man would have a 23 year old little aunt! They even had different surnames! This good aunt!

He Chaoman was the late daughter of Xi Ze’s grandfather and grandmother…she came really late.

Xi Ze was only three years old and forced to call a little baby “Aunt.” Once Xi Ze grew up, He Chaoman didn’t like being called ‘little aunt.’ Every time He Chaoman saw this handsome and upright nephew, she would forbid the other from calling her ‘little aunt.’

Ming Yu chuckled at these words and shook his head. “I might not have met He Chaoman but I have seen her from far away. Her temperament is very good and her appearance is also outstanding. Yet you said she banned you from called her little aunt? I don’t believe you.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at Ming Yu’s words and asked, “Besides you, who would dare to order me around?”

Ming Xiaoyu disagreed. “I have ordered you around?”

Xi Ze’s lips curved. “Of course.”

“Do you have proof of when?”

Xi Ze’s phoenix eyes narrowed. “Last night, a certain person told me to go faster…well…”

The youth immediately stood up and covered the man’s mouth. He scolded, “You bastard, how did I get along with you? Isn’t this false advertising? Before we were together, you were like a male god. After we got together, I think you are a shameless person.”

Xi Ze spread open his hands, “See, except for you, who would dare criticize me?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

After a moment, Xi Ze picked up his chopsticks and said casually, “Chaoman isn’t the way you think she is. She is very different from your imagination.”

Ming Yu’s expression became blank at the words. “What did I imagine?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “What do you think she looks like?”

Ming Xiaoyu thought for a moment before replying, “She should be very dignified and lady-like, a goddess.”

Xi Ze’s lips thinned. “That is completely wrong. He Chaoman has only one hobby that she loves in her life.”

The man suddenly paused and didn’t continue talking. This stirred up the youth’s curiosity. After waiting for Ming Xiaoyu to become a bit impatient, Xi Ze smiled and said, “My little aunt has only one hobby in life. That is—”

“Sitting at home playing games.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

What about the goddess?

This was truly the winner of life.

He always became surprised since getting involved with this guy!!

Due to Ming Xiaoyu’s physical reasons, the plane ticket originally scheduled for the next day was delayed by a day. The two people stayed in Xi Ze’s Milan house for two days before returning to Huaxia. They had just arrived in Huaxia and hadn’t even left the airport yet when Ming Xiaoyu was blocked by a crowd.

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