RS: Chapter 145 Uncensored

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Chapter 145

They had been together for half a year. Whether it was Xi Ze or Ming Yu, they knew their lover very well.

The moment their lips touched, all words were gone. Ming Yu turned around and held the man’s slim waist, while Xi Ze directly put one hand on the mirror and trapped the youth in his arms, bowing his head and kissing him fiercely.

The hot lips sucked against each other, the youth’s lips quickly becoming bright and watery, revealing a seductive layer of light. As Ming Yu let out a low gasp, the man’s tongue entered and quickly picked up the sweet liquid in the mouth.


Ming Yu couldn’t help letting out a sweet gasp and their tongues quickly became entangled. But this battle didn’t last long. Once the man licked every inch of the youth’s man, Ming Yu couldn’t help softening his waist.

Once the kiss was over, the obscene liquid lingered on Ming Yu’s lips, looking seductive and tempting.

From the cloakroom to the bedroom, they never stopped kissing. Xi Ze kissed the youth directly before kissing his delicate eyebrows, lips and finally the delicate earlobes.

Xi Ze gently bit on a tender ear lobe, his tongue constantly pressing into the small ear hole. It made the sensitive Ming Yu difficult to restrain himself. He let out an involuntary hum and skillfully took off the shirt on Xi Ze’s upper body.

The clothes quickly disappeared piece by piece.

At this moment, Ming Yu’s dress was already a bit wrinkled. However, Xi Ze didn’t seem to notice anything as he threw his beloved Ming Yu on the bed, then leaned over and kissed him.

This time, Ming Yu refused. He moved his face, a bit of lust still in his eyes and said hoarsely, “Take off the clothes. This dress is too precious. It can’t be messed up here. A high-end outfit is difficult to take care of.”

The colour of Xi Ze’s eyes became deeper at these words. His lips curved and he said, “It is precious but you are more precious than it.”

As soon as he finished talking, he kissed the youth’s lips. Ming Yu looked surprised while Xi Ze skillfully helped take off the silver-white dress from the upper body. However, he only took the clothes off to the waist and didn’t move any more.

While Ming Yu was confused and gasping for breath, Xi Ze bent over and kissed the red dots on his chest.

A hot and moist feeling suddenly came from his chest. Ming Yu felt a familiar feeling of numbness and couldn’t help groaning. At the same time, the man’s left hand was constantly kneading the nipple on the other side, causing the youth to let out good sounds.

“Uh…lighter, you bastard…”

Xi Ze smiled and bit down. “This bully should do it lighter?”

There was a pain in Ming Yu’s chest again, accompanied by a thrill that shot to his brain. But once Ming Yu heard the words, he suddenly raised his leg and pressed the man under him.

Ming Xiaoyu smiled as he sat on Xi Ze’s lower abdomen. He said maliciously, “Bully? Hey, the bully really kicked the iron plate today. He came to play, only for the bully to be deceived by the woman.”

As Xi Ze was feeling slightly stunned, Ming Yu leaned over and kissed his lips.

It was a gentle kiss. After staying on the lips for a while, it quickly moved down to the curve of the jaw. Ming Yu learned from the way Xi Ze treated him in the past, forcefully sucking on the red dots on the man’s chest. This type of feeling made Xi Ze pleased and he gently sighed a few times.

As the youth’s lips moved around the red dots on his chest, Xi Ze looked down.

He just happened to meet the youth’s eyes.

The two of them were surprised for a moment. Then Ming Xiaoyu ignored him and leaned down, starting to bite and suck at Xi Ze again. The obscene sound echoed in the room but apart from a few hums, Xi Ze showed no other reaction. It was in sharp contrast to Ming Yu who couldn’t restrain his groans.

Ming Yu worked hard for a long time before raising his head. “Are you sexually cold? Give me a reaction!”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “I’m not sexually cold. Shouldn’t you know this?” There was a sly smile on the handsome face. Xi Ze sighed. “It seems that your body is too lewd, my lovely little girl.”

This immediately provoked Ming Yu’s anger. Xi Ze’s words hadn’t completely disappeared into the air when Ming Yu suddenly jerked down, getting rid of Xi Ze’s last piece of clothing. However, Ming Yu never imagined that the moment the underwear was removed, a hot and strong penis would jump out and hit him in the face.

This made Ming Yu completely dazed.

Xi Ze’s eyes sunk and he decided to take action.

However, Xi Ze didn’t think that before he could start, Ming Yu suddenly lowered his head and swallowed Xi Ze’s lower body!


The youth’s tight and narrow mouth kept squeezing the man’s lower body. The tip had just touched Ming Yu’s soft palate when it slipped out of the mouth. Ming Yu wasn’t someone who liked to admit defeat. Once he heard the man’s low moan, he opened his mouth and swallowed the giant again.

His hands constantly moved on the thick penis while his lips sucked it. Sometimes he sucked hard, sometimes he licked, sometimes he would suddenly swallow the penis in his mouth, making Xi Ze groan pleasantly.


“Ah good…”

This type of sexy, husky voice made Ming Yu prouder and his lower body started to gradually rise. His lips constantly swallowed the huge and thick penis. As he swallowed, the giant became even bigger, making Ming Yu look up at Xi Ze in complaint.

It was this gaze that made Xi Ze no longer able to endure. He suddenly propped his body half up and started to move in the youth’s mouth.

At first, Ming Xiaoyu was a bit surprised. But once he saw that Xi Ze’s face was full of satisfaction, he couldn’t help looking down and started to move and swallow along with Xi Ze’s actions.

This imitation of sexual intercourse caused both of them to feel immersed.

They had sex countless times before in but bed, Xi Ze always liked to take control and rarely let Ming Yu move. This was the first time that Ming Yu could see Xi Ze show such a rare appearance. He completely ignored the discomfort in his throat and suddenly swallowed all of the man’s penis in his mouth!


“Oh…cough cough cough…”

Hot semen instantly shot into the youth’s mouth. Ming Yu immediately moved away and coughed. Xi Ze looked at the youth who had suddenly stood up.

The youth’s exquisite face had red cheeks and his lips looked lewd, as white liquid flowed from his mouth. However, more was directly swallowed down by the youth.

After coughing, Ming Yu looked at the man lying in bed. He stuck out his tongue in a provocative manner and the semen at the corner of his lips was once again taken into his mouth. Then he smiled slyly—

“Hey Mr. Bully, you are like this.”

Ming Yu would never know how tempting he looked right now.

His bright red lips and blurred eyes, the lips that were covered with semen and saliva, the nipples that were chewed red and erect. His whole body was charming, causing Xi Ze’s eyes to narrow. There was only one thought left in his brain—

[Hurry and fuck to death this alluring spirit.]

The next second, without giving Ming Yu any time to react, Xi Zi suddenly stretched out a hand and dragged him onto the bed. Ming Yu had just exclaimed “What are you doing?” when he suddenly felt something cold from his lower body. His skirt was raised and a hot penis entered his body.

“Ah ah ah…”


There might not by any lubrication but his small hole had long become accustomed to the man’s stick. It was soft and tight, without a trace of discomfort. Instead, it joyfully welcomed the other’s arrival. This lustful small hole had become soft and moist after so much sex. Even such a fierce and violent collision only made Ming Yu sigh and relax to the extreme.

His empty body was finally filled.

After the pleasure, Ming Xiaoyu grinded his teeth and cried out with resentment, “Damn, what are you doing Xi Ze?”

The man raised an eyebrow. “Is it bad?” As he spoke, he gently moved two times inside the youth.

“Uhh, shame uh…shame your sister!”

“What a pity, I don’t have a sister. I only have a small wife who likes to bite my little girl with her small hole.”

“Ah ah ah…you shameless…ahhhh…”

Xi Ze violently thrust, causing Ming Yu’s toes to curl and he couldn’t speak properly.

In fact, Ming Yu had discovered it while giving the other person a blowjob. The moment his lower body rose, he felt a faint feeling of emptiness from the hole in the back. It was an uncomfortable feeling, like the small hole was twitching. It was waiting for the impact of the familiar giant to bring it to the paradise of pleasure.

Thus, when Xi Ze’s penis entered, Ming Yu cursed but didn’t really push him away.

This feeling was too good. Xi Ze’s body wasn’t as sensitive so he couldn’t imagine what this felt like. Ming Yu’s back hole was accommodating his lover’s sex. He could feel the size and thickness of it as the other person completely filled him, causing him to wholeheartedly feel close to Xi Ze.

The hot penis opened up the territory in the hot little cave. Every inch of territory here pleasantly welcomed its arrival, as it there was countless small mouths sucking at the stick. Every piece of soft meat twitched gently, causing Xi Ze to sigh constantly.

Once he saw the youth was in so much pleasure that tears came out, Xi Ze’s eyes narrowed in a dangerous way. He whispered, “You are an alluring spirit.”

Ming Yu hadn’t been able to respond when Xi Ze suddenly picked him up and carried him from the bed.


Since he was suddenly picked up, Ming Yu could only wrap his legs around the man’s waist, causing all of his weight to fall onto the big penis. He was attracted by gravity and fell down naturally, making Xi Ze’s penis advance to an incredible depth in his body. It also slammed into the deadliest piece of soft meat in Ming Yu’s body.”


Xi Ze’s lips curved. “Fucking you.”

Once he finished speaking, Xi Ze started to work the youth in his arms. Every time he thrust, he hit the softest point, the impact slamming into the deepest part of the body.

This deadly pleasure was a flood that drowned Ming Yu.

“Ah ah ah…”

“There uh…Xi Ze…yes ahhh….”


An expensive dress was worn halfway around his waist but Ming Yu was no longer in control. He was unable to extricate himself from the pleasure coming from his small hole. He only felt that his small hole was going to melt and he was going to die in this ocean of desire.

Then Xi Ze suddenly pulled Ming Yu to his chest. Ming Yu looked at him and blinked. Tears flowed down from the corner of his eyes, making the youth’s eyes shine brightly.

Xi Ze looked at the youth. His lower body was still inserted in the other’s small hole but there was no action.

Xi Ze bowed and kissed the water stains at Ming Yu’s eyes. Then he said, “Look back.

Ming Yu was slightly stunned. The penis didn’t move in his body, making him feel a tingling itch. He turned his head and once he saw the whole floor to ceiling glass, he was completely stunned. He turned and shouted, “You’re crazy! What do you want to do? Don’t you see that there is a building opposite us? Xi Ze, you are too ahhhhh….”

The youth’s voice trailed off as the man started moving again.

But Ming Yu was annoyed even in the midst of being drowned in pleasure. “Xi Ze ahh…you…you are crazy…ahhh…you are damn…crazy…ahhh….”

“Ah ah ah…uh…seen by others…”

“What to do…ah…if we…are seen ahhh….”

The man responded to him with a sudden kiss. This kiss was overbearing and Ming Xiaoyu could only sink into it. He sluggishly leaned his head on the man’s shoulder and didn’t forget what he was saying. “Yes…you are crazy…”

“Do you think I would be willing to let others see your body?”

There was a hard thrust as Xi Ze’s low voice came from the side of Ming Yu’s head.

“This is one-sided glass. No one outside can see…uh…”

His lover’s back hole suddenly tightened, causing Xi Ze’s words to be interrupted by a gasp.

But Ming Yu heard the words and they made him strangely excited. He hugged the man’s waist with one hand and whispered. “How are you…so bad…”

Xi Ze twitched in the youth’s hole and raised an eyebrow, “I am very bad?”

Who would’ve expected that the next second, Ming Yu would kiss him and give a low laugh. “You are bad but I like it.”

The man’s penis kept thrusting as they talked face to face. Then with Ming Yu’s consent, Xi Ze turned him and placed one hand on the glass as support. Ming Yu left the man hold his waist from behind and continue to thrust in.

There was a bustling city in front of them, with countless people continuing their lives below.

They absolutely didn’t know that above their heads, the world’s top two supermodels were carrying out such obscene sex. This type of sneaking feeling caused Ming Yu to become more sensitive. His body was tense because they were doing such shameful things in a type of ‘public’ situation.

This type of stimulation made the pleasure several times more intense.

“Ahhhh…come on…”

“Ah…uh, ahh…”

The youth’s hole gripped the man’s penis tightly while the front was completely standing up. His lower body was blocked by the skirt and no one could see, but the sense of shame was completely irresistible.

After that, Xi Ze seemed to think the dress was too much of a hindrance and took it off directly.

This feeling of being completely exposed to the public made the youth’s small nipples more intense. Every inch of his hole was gripping tightly at Xi Ze’s penis as the intestine walls seemed to melt. Finally, Xi Ze couldn’t help shooting it out, filling the small hole.

Through the aftertaste of pleasure, Xi Ze’s penis kept twitching.

However, he never thought that as he was still feeling the last of the pleasure, Ming Yu would suddenly stretch out a hand and stroke the place where both of them were still joined.

Xi Ze’s eyes widened with shock.

Then he saw the youth’s red cheeks and red lips curve like a spring flower blossoming as he said in a provocative way, “Well…you shot it? Mr. Bully, you really can’t do it. If you are going to be like this, you should go back and improve your body’s health.”

Xi Ze saw that pressed against the glass, the youth’s penis was still standing upright, a transparent fluid constantly flowing from the head.

This provocation caused Xi Ze to laugh aloud. He had no choice but to say, “I wanted to spare you tonight.”
Ming Yu didn’t hear it so he quickly added, “This is what you said yourself. Tonight—”

“I’m going to fuck you to death.”

From the window to the bathroom, from the bedroom to the cloakroom, Ming Yu understood on this night what ‘self-inflicted’ meant.



“Ahhhhh there uh…Xi Ze…yes ahhh….”

Ming Yu had already come three times but the man was persistent and hadn’t ejaculated for a long time. The penis twitching in Ming Yu’s small hole was still big and caused him extreme pleasure. At the same time, he was so tired that he couldn’t move his fingers.

His voice was hoarse and he could only let out muffled sounds. However. Xi Ze showed no signs of sparing him. He still thrust fiercely against the already paralyzed small hole, making Ming Yu tremble.

The penis slammed hard against the constantly spasming small hole. Ming Yu had already sunk into the pleasure that couldn’t be escaped but he also felt that he was at his limit. He couldn’t come anymore and could only let the pleasure fill his brain.

“Uh…Xi Ze…no, ahhh…”

“There, uhhh…”

After another 10 minutes, the youth couldn’t help feeling like he was going to climax again.

Therefore, he struggled up and slammed the man underneath him. Then he started raising his waist and lowering himself on the other person’s lower body.

The slender body was constantly moving up and down in front of his eyes. This sexy picture made Xi Ze gulp. Combined with the youth’s hole squeezing at him, Xi Ze almost came. However, he narrowed his eyes and suppressed it, continuing to enjoy the youth’s movements.

Ming Yu seemed to perceive Xi Ze’s choice and lust flashed through his eyes. Suddenly, he pulled off the other person’s lower body before sitting down heavily.



Even so, it was still impossible for him to bypass Xi Ze. Then Ming Yu gently rubbed Xi Ze’s penis a few times before raising a smear of white semen to his mouth.

The red tip of his tongue touched the white liquid. This scene caused Xi Ze to spurt blood and his whole body froze in place.

At this time, Ming Yu smiled slowly. “Husband, you really…don’t you want to come in my body?”

Next second!

The semen that the man had been holding for two hours finally shot out.

The thick and hot liquid filled the youth’s small hole, allowing his body to completely relax. Ming Yu lay down in Xi Ze’s embrace. This time, Xi Ze continued to gently twitch through the warmth of the pleasure.

Once the hole had become completely soft with liquid, Xi Ze withdrew with a loud sound.

The small hole had been exercised for too long and couldn’t completely close, leaving a gap around the size of the small finger. From there, milky white semen slowly flowed out. Together with the white and slender thigh, it formed a sexy image.

At this point, Ming Yu couldn’t climax anymore and fell deeply asleep.

He was so tired that he couldn’t open his eyes, but his back hole was still silently twitching, as if remembered the pleasure.

Xi Ze’s lover had passed out after a long sexual intercourse. Xi Ze carried him to the bathroom and carefully cleaned up. Despite Xi Ze gently cleaning him with his fingers, Ming Xiaoyu just frowned and showed no signs of waking up.

In this crazy sex affair, the last thing that Xi Ze couldn’t bear was the young man’s ‘husband.’

No matter how Xi Ze had tried to coerce and bully him in the past, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t let go and was reluctant to say ‘husband.’ However, he really said it at that moment, making Xi Ze feel moved.

In fact, for Xi Ze, Ming Yu was also his ‘husband.’

He had used the word once or twice when bullying, but even so, Ming Xiaoyu hadn’t relented. It wasn’t until just now, after hearing the word, that Xi Ze suddenly had a feeling—

This youth really acknowledged him.

From now on, as long as he wanted to know it, Ming Yu wouldn’t hide anything from him.

They were each other’s only lover. If they couldn’t trust each other, who could they trust in this world?

The bully Mr. Xi was in a good mood when he thought of this and held his lover as he went to sleep.

However, it was probably too hot at night and they had just participated in high energy consumption activities. Ming Xiaoyu stretched out a hand and pushed at Xi Ze’s face. As Xi Ze moved in surprise, Ming Yu muttered, “Darling, it is hot. You got to the kennel to sleep.”

Xi Ze,”….. 눈_눈 “

Oh, don’t let him catch that stupid dog called Darling!

Once he woke up the next day, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t feel any pain. Maybe it was because of Xi Ze’s thorough cleaning or perhaps because his body had long become accustomed to it. Ming Xiaoyu just felt some sore muscles but no pain.

Of course, there was a slight stinging from his rear when he got up from bed.

Ming Xiaoyu became extremely angry once he thought about how that man had bullied him so badly last night. He slapped the head of the shameless man who was still sleeping. “You are a bastard! Xi Ze, you get lost!”

After all, last night he participated in high-intensity exercise. Xi Ze was still a bit tired and didn’t get up early this morning. Now that his lover suddenly slapped him, Xi Ze slowly opened his eyes and said, “I am here, my little wife?”

Ming Xiaoyu sneered at these words. “You will be the woman this evening.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “Is it the bully grabs the woman only to be oppressed by the woman?”

“…You come over here and I promise not to kill you.”

Xi Ze smiled. “You definitely won’t hit me or else you will be murdering your husband.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “….Who is your husband?”

“Well, who was the one who called out ‘Husband’ last night?  What else did you say? Hurry? Don’t I want to? Hey, am I mistaken?”


“I must beat you to death!  I will kill you!”

Previously, Ming Xiaoyu said that he would hit Xi Ze anywhere except for the face!

However, his principle was completely overturned today!

Where was he hitting? A hit to the face! You are a dead man!”

Thus, when the two of them were resting that evening, Xi Ze had a familiar black eye and was cooking for his wife with a “●_눈” expression.

As they ate, Ming Xiaoyu’s anger disappeared a bit. The two people were grumpy together but continued to do shameless things. After all, they were old virgins and it was so exciting last night. It was hard to taste the sweetness of a new marriage. How could they stop?

But this evening, Ming Xiaoyu really only did it once before not allowing Xi Ze to move.

“I have an appointment with Suyi tomorrow to shoot the cover of next month’s issue. I can’t be in a bad state so stop!”

Xi Ze sighed regretfully at these words but the actions of his hand didn’t stop. He said, “Well, you can sleep. I promise not the take the final step.”

Who would believe this crap?

Ming Xiaoyu sneered, put on his clothes and hurriedly returned home. As soon as he got home, he immediately locked the door and locked out a hungry man, not allowing him to step inside.

After a moment, Xi Ze’s text message arrived. 【 Is this shyly hiding in the home? 】

Ming Xiaoyu snorted. 【 I got tangled up by a certain ghost and can only get away from his poisonous hands. 】

Around one minute later, Ming Xiaoyu received a reply from the other party.  At this time, he was taking off his clothes and planning to wash himself in the bathroom. He needed to at least clean his body, get some things out from his rear and wash away the sweat.

Ming Xiaoyu had just taken off his coat when he opened the text message and almost dropped his phone.

【 Oh, I seem to know that ghost. Was it the one who just wrapped himself around my waist shouting “Harder!”? 】

Damn it!  I really want to kill you!!!!


Although Xi Ze was a bit black-hearted, he was still very considerate.  After the two people exchanged tit-for-tat text messages, he sent a few lewd jokes before saying good night and sleeping in separate beds.

In fact, Xi Ze was very dissatisfied about the seperate beds.

Do you think he was the type of person who couldn’t restrain himself? He could definitely hold on and not do anything else!

However, in the face of Xi Ze’s complaint, Ming Yu dismissed it with a sneer and issued a second house rule—

『 If the owner says something, it is an iron law. For example, if the owner says that Xi Ze is a pig then he is a pig. Rebuttal is invalid! 』

The next morning, Mr. Hungry Ghost took advantage of making breakfast and entered his owner’s door. Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t protest when he saw the delicious food. Luo Ru hadn’t arrived yet so he hurriedly ate the porridge and small dishes.

At this time, Xi Ze scooped porridge for him and pretended to casually ask, “Dear, the food pigs eat is called pig food. What about something a pig cooks. What is it called?”

Ming Yu’s attention was attracted by the ‘Dear.’ He was shaking and subconsciously replied, “Can pigs do such a thing? Then it is definitely pig food, hahah.”

Xi Ze let out a meaningfully “Oh” at the words and didn’t respond.

Once Luo Ru was downstairs and Ming Yu was leaving, Xi Ze walked out with him and said, “In fact, I think someone who eats pig food is probably…a pig as well?”

Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes narrowed and he couldn’t respond for a short time.

Once the elevator stopped on the first floor, Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes widened and he grinded his teeth together. “Xi Ze, you bastard!  You are the pig!! Your whole family are pigs!!!”

Xiaoyu, if you say that Mr. Xi’s family are pigs and you are the owner…what are you? Cough. ^_^

Thanks to a certain person with the surname of Xi, Ming Xiaoyu’s face was dark on the way to Suyi’s headquarters as he sat in the back seat texting. Luo Ru looked thoughtfully at Ming Yu’s appearance and sighed helplessly. “Xiaoyu, your skin is really getting better.”

Ming Yu felt awkward.

He just listened as Luo Ru said, “Once you go Suyi today, the stylists will praise your skin.”

Ming Yu smiled slightly as he slowly entered his working mode. “It is probably because I am young. Sister Luo, your skin is also good.”

Luo Ru lightly nodded and didn’t speak again.

The two of them quickly arrived at Suyi headquarters. As Luo Ru parked the car, Ming Xiaoyu was still texting. He couldn’t help laughing a few times, causing Luo Ru to involuntarily look back at him.

Luo Ru sighed sadly. What was that saying?

A woman in love was a fool. You see, people in love were actually really silly!

Xiaoyu ah, you really don’t know…you are becoming more and more guilty╮(╯_╰)╭
But it turned out that Luo Ru’s worries were superfluous. Once Ming Yu put down his phone and headed into work, a powerful aura spread out silently, making it impossible for people to not notice the youth’s beautiful appearance.

It was only when this youth was truly unprepared that she discovered that he was becoming more and more enchanting every day.

Luo Ru guessed that if it wasn’t for this amazing appearance and temperament, how could he become Xi Ze’s muse?

After Ming Xiaoyu shot the photos for Suyi, the video of Sixin’s fashion show finished its editing and was officially released.

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